The Prestige Advantages

Single Point Sourcing

We offer a huge range of multi-price products and are pioneers in single price point items.

Choosing the Right Vendor

After a detailed assessment of the vendor and the quality of existing production, we evaluate if it meets the requirements on our checklist.


Our expert team of quality control monitors and coordinates with the manufacturer so that they follow our quality checklist at each stage.


Our service departments (finance, accounts and logistics) ensure that they work cohesively with all financial and logistics processes.

Social & Technical Compliance

Prestige is committed to provide its customers safe, quality products manufactured in clean & hygiene environment.

A Pioneer Sourcing & Buying Point For Overseas Buyers

Welcome to the world of online shopping portals, where you will be lucky enough to come across reliable overseas buyers and their respective buying agents. No matter whatever you are looking for, Prestige Buying House, can be your one stop leading helping hand, on the run. Indian buying agents can help you with a single point sourcing, where you can avail multi-price products and at the same time, pioneers in selling some of the single price items, at the same time. If you want, you can also come across the right vendor of your choice, after a detailed assessment of the same purpose.

Quality assurance is the first and foremost point for you to get hold of, while planning to deal with the buying agency in Delhi. Our team of experts will make sure to control and at the same time coordinate with the manufacturing units in order to follow up the quality checklist, related to each and every stage of the entire selling procedure. Moreover, in order to land up with the smooth processing service, the accounts, finance and the logistic department will ensure that they are working cohesively with the logistic and financial processes.

To the last point, it is advisable to mention that our professionals can also help in landing up with the best technical and social compliance, which you have always craved for. These might be some valid reasons, which make us the leading sourcing agency in Delhi, with a wide customer base, under our sleeves. We make a thorough quality check over the products, before offering those to our customers.

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